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2 thoughts on “Submit Feedback”

  1. Hi Dirk,
    I am one of the developer of ngspice.
    Maybe this is a bit stupid: Can you change please all “NG-SPICE” to something like ngspice, Ngspice or NGSPICE. It is not that we have some rights to names because we are open source. But it will help us and the community for better finding your fine articles about your experinces with ngspice.
    Thank you,

    1. Dear Dietmar,

      I’m sorry to say that I am unable to comply. Firstly, the way I tend to capitalize is a personal habit of mine, and I hope that my readers can see that. There are innumerable other places on my blog, where I capitalized something differently, from the official way to do so, and I often use it as a way of emphasizing, beyond the ways that are built-in to HTML5. Secondly, I have a spell-checker to compete with, and this spell-checker frequently doesn’t agree, with the official way of hyphenating certain expressions. Hyphenating a term which is not officially meant to be hyphenated, can often be a quick way to appease the spell-checker. The other way would be, to add the term, correctly spelled, to my personal dictionary each time. And doing so frequently, will eventually cause misspelled terms to be added.

      And finally, one of the things which are just impractical for me to do is, to go back and change certain things which I wrote about numerous times, systematically. My blog is full of small mistakes which I made at one point, but where I simply do not have the time and energy to go back and edit everything.

      I try to make sure that the information is correct within reason, and that my readers will understand that I’m fallible.

      I think that my reason for writing ‘NG-SPICE’ was, to distinguish it from ‘LT-SPICE’ etc., because I want to remain pure in my use of open-source software.

      Thank you for creating such wonderful software.


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