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Even though I’m not an expert Mathematician, I rely on Math as anybody should, who take themselves seriously. And so from time to time, I’ve put snippets of Math into this blog as well.

In the past, I found this to be a frustrating experience. One reason is simply the fact that this blog does not consist of hand-crafted HTML, which could receive hand-crafted Style Sheets. The style sheets for this blog are as packaged, and do not leave much room for modification by me – although some people really know, how to write their own style sheets for Mine are defined by the friendly Theme of my blog.

Another reason I have not been able to typeset my Math well in the past, is the fact that I did not give it enough attention. One route which I chose to go often, was to export any typeset Math as a PDF File, and then just to give readers a link to the PDF. But, rather than expecting my readers to tap on a link, just to see a small equation full-browser, I would eventually want to be able to show small amounts of Math, inline with my blog.

As of today (05/28/2018) , I have chosen which route to take with this, which I also mused over in This Posting. This route will either require that visiting browsers support MathML – which I hear only FireFox does – or, will require that readers enable JavaScript, both from my domain (“”), and from a domain called “”. Actually, the example linked to above, is just straight MathML, which most readers’ browsers are not expected to display properly, just as an example of what that would be.

I thank Michal for his contribution to my efforts, which he made through his Comments.

If the reader is noticing that some supposed equations have simply been displayed as numbers, sitting idly in my posting, then chances are, that reader needs to enable the JavaScript for those two domains.


Also, the approach which has been suggested to me, will make all my typeset Math have a uniform appearance, that follows from it all being converted to MathML. This will tend not to show the GUI-details of any ‘Computer Algebra Systems’ I may have been using. CAS or no CAS, the results will be displayed as though they just consisted of equations. That might look nice, because it has a ‘light’ appearance, that may be consistent with the WordPress Theme.

But, if I want to preserve the GUI-details of the typeset Math, or, if I want to show Plots, then I can do so, but the result will be no MathML. And so from now on, the graphics which result in such a way, as to keep the GUI-widgets of whichever program I was using, or to keep the graphics, will then definitely require enabling the JavaScript, from the two domains above.


(Update 8/31/2019 : )

A development in my typesetting of Math, which came later than the guide above, was the fact that I’ve added ‘SageMath’ to my set of computer Algebra Systems, and when this platform is asked to export its worksheets, some of those worksheets will be linked to JavaScript from the domain ‘’. For that reason, sometimes JavaScript from that additional domain may need to be allowed, to view my worksheets.




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