My P2P Bitcoin Core Client taking a vacation today.

Today is Friday, July 7, 2017. According to some weather reports, there is a risk of Thunderstorms today. As I’m writing this the time is only 14h30 or so, and the Thunderstorms are expected for maybe around 17h00 or so.

A Thunderstorm could knock out my power, and could cause my blog to go offline. But this is a relatively minor inconvenience, according to recent experiences, because eventually I’d be able to reboot the host-machine and thus make the blog available to readers again.

If I had a Bitcoin P2P-client running, a power-failure could have more serious consequences.

So just to be safe, I shut down my Bitcoin P2P-client program for the day, while my Web-server is still running. I figure that providing no service for the time being, is a better alternative, than providing service which has gotten corrupted in some way. And then there could also be the eventual risk, of my having to rebuild my local copy of the block-chain, if simply rebooting the host-machine fails to recover it.

Because there are no T-Storms forecast for Saturday, I expect just to restart my P2P-client on Saturday morning. Sorry for any inconvenience to Bitcoin users today.

(Edit : )

As of 20h30, I am back up. For the moment, the Thunderstorm that was forecast, did not seem to materialize.



Flood Risk, Downtime

I live in a part of the Island of Montreal, which is under the risk of flooding, due to the recent weather. Yesterday (Sunday, May 7) we received a warning, that if the situation gets out of control beyond a certain point, residents in my neighborhood could be requested to leave with little or no time to prepare. And, because Montreal is under a state of emergency, this means that residents would also have no choice but to do so, if requested to leave.

This home-computer is also the server of my blog.

I felt that it would be a good precaution, to make my logistical preparations, in case the evacuation order came. And as part of those precautions, I also shut down all my computers, to minimize any loss of data that might take place in the long run, if it ever came to that. So I still have my bags all ready, to take and walk away with.

But as it stands, the risk to this one computer no longer seems so immediate, and I have rebooted it.

As a result of the shutdown,

  • From May 7, 19h00
  • Until May 8, 13h00

My site and blog were offline. I apologize for any inconvenience to potential readers.