The problem with my DSL is worse than I thought.

I have paid closer attention, to the ‘Internet Connection Failure’, which I just posted about Here. Even though the public cannot read my blog right now, the way I am set up, still allows me to write entries.

When I checked my DSL more carefully, I noticed that I do not have a dial-tone. And, every half hour, to every two hours apart, the DSL connection is dropping out on me. This does not seem to have been a problem with the router per se.

For the past few days, Montreal has been experiencing continuous, heavy rainfall, starting on ?Tuesday? The weather is going to stay this wet, until tomorrow (Sunday). I suppose that what can happen, is that excess water can seep into the cables, and can cause those DSL wires with the weakest insulation to fail. I hear crackling noises when I listen on my phone, for an expected dial-tone.

Certain services are more sensitive than others, to errors in the transmission of packets. It would seem that the Teredo gateway has no tolerance for those at all, for which reason it was dropping my client connection frequently.

And, had I left things as they were, the ‘DynDNS’ service would have attempted inexhaustibly, to keep associating new IPv4 addresses with my URL, even as the modem was dropping the connections, and establishing new ones.

The only responsible thing I was able to do in response, was to shut down my DynDNS service for now, to avoid future, excessive update-requests, which also means that the public cannot be reading this as I am writing it.

The technician from my ISP is scheduled to come by on Tuesday, to see what can be done to remedy this problem. And my blog and site will have to remain offline until then.