Recent Disappointment in Ebay, New Battery-Type

It has been some time since I bought anything on Ebay. But as it happens, I used to carry an LED flashlight with me, the main purpose of which was to prevent me from misplacing my key-chain, and it has since stopped functioning. And so a natural thing I would want to do, was buy a new replacement-flashlight, and because this is a low-priority purchase – for the device actually to work – a good place to do so would be, Ebay. This may take some time to deliver to me.

(Last Edited 11/26/2016 . )

But when I did my searches on Ebay today for such a simple item, certain aspects of the results disappointed me. Specifically, I think it was the lack of English skills on the part of the sellers. It seems that the trend on Ebay now is, to put many identifiers into the one-line item description, and to have that pass as its full description, when often, a list of identifying keywords as such, can be incomprehensible to the reader, if 2 or 3 of the identifiers are not known to him.

Where a full item description was supposed to exist, many Ebay items today have nothing.

One of the identifiers which frustrated me today, was what the battery requirements of the new flashlights are. They are: “18650”.

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