Retailers find it hard to Define what a USB Y Cable is supposed to be.

In This Posting, I wrote that I was looking for an OTG cable, with a separate power jack, preferably also a Male USB A. One possible alternative to that, would be a Female USB A to 2x Male USB A, with one of the Male USB jacks distinctly for Power, and the other distinctly for Data.

The problem with this, is that although both products exist, I don’t own one of either.

Further, the potential sellers of these cables do not understand what they are selling. They tend to give jumbled descriptions, thinking that if the wording of the description follows a certain trick, this is the correct cable.

Of course, some Electrical understanding allows certain people, to define each type of cable, and thus to name them in a meaningful way. However, often vague descriptions are given, that sound like they might be the correct product, but closer inspection reveals a next-to-useless cable. The most common error, is a Type A Female, connected to 2 Type A Males, in a completely symmetrical way between the Males. The cable is already useless to me, if they are asymmetric in fact, but not labeled in any way that tells me which Male Type A goes into my power source, and which goes into my OTG cable.

Another type of USB cable which does not suit my needs, is a kind of wiring-bus between several connector-types, but which connects every wire, to each connector… In theory, some other user might use that as a converter, between any two connectors.

The correct USB Y Cable costs C$ 40, while a power-spliced OTG Adapter costs C$ 8.

Now, I have just ordered both types of cable, so that if the OTG is somehow hamstrung software-wise, the USB Y is likely to offer a solution that will still work. Also, it might always come in handy, just to have a USB Y on-hand.