Root Cause for my DSL Woes Solved. Downtime.

I take the unusual measure, of hosting my Web-site and thus my blog, on my private computer here at home. This gives more-mainstream users – who go through a professional hosting service – the advantage, that professionals also work to prevent downtime. With me, if anything cuts my connection to the WAN – the Wide-Area Network – my site and my blog become unreachable to the public.

There have been ongoing problems with my DSL service, which provides my home access to the WAN, and which I also commented about Here.

Well, this morning between 9h00 and 10h00, my externally-provided DSL cut out on me again. This time I placed a service call to my ISP, and as before, they offered me a prompt, rapid response from a technician. But unlike last time, I took this offer, and received professional service within the same day.

According to how it now stands, the root cause for the previous malfunction has been found this time. Last time, the repair that was done was faster to carry out, but did not solve the root problem.

So I am finally looking forward to a stable connection, and should be publicly visible as of 16h30 the same day…

Oh. Because I also needed to reboot my computer, my server-side cache has been cleared, and this blog will seem to load whichever postings you prefer to read more slowly for a little while, again.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

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