A Key Feature which Blogging Platforms Have

If somebody was to commit what is nowadays considered to be a folly, and construct a blog just as a collection of pages belonging to a Web-site, then a side-effect of this would be, that the search-engines will only update their account, of what his or her blog contains, the next time they spider the site. This could involve a considerable delay.

But, what actual blogging platforms have as a feature, is to broadcast to as many search-engines as possible, that a new posting has been added to the blog. My blog also has this.

This can have two side-effects:

  1. It can allow certain people – who are connected with the search engines – to obtain a view of the newly-published postings, without actually having to visit the blog. But then again, my own practice of making an RSS Feed publicly viewable, has the same effect.
  2. If a blogger such as me is working on draft copies of a posting, and hits ‘Publish’ by accident instead of ‘Save To Drafts’, then the message will be broadcast, that the posting has been Published. But, because such a situation calls for the posting to remain from public view, the blogger is limited after that, to Copying the entire posting to his clipboard, deleting it, and then recreating it – as a draft.

And if the blogger has made the mistake outlined in case (2) above, the message has nevertheless been broadcast, that the draft-version of the posting is published. After that, search engines could index that posting directly, and for readers to click on that link will produce an error message, because the newly-saved version of the same posting, will actually be identified by a different URL, from the one that was deleted.

This just happened to me this afternoon. Sorry.

I have two important postings in my Drafts folder right now:

  • ‘Hypothesis Disproved’
  • ‘Hypothesis Proved’