My Site and Blog are back Up.

(As of 12/15/2018 : )

According to This preceding posting, this site had experienced some down-time, due to a problem with my router. I’m happy to say, that the router is working fine again, and that therefore, my blog is back Up.

(Edit 12/17/2018, 13h25 : )

After using helpful information supplied by a tech support person, working for my ISP, I am now somewhat convinced, that the malfunction was due to a misbehaving client device, plugged in to a physical Ethernet jack.

I do not intend to activate that client computer again – ever.



Problems with my DSL. Downtime.

One of the peculiarities with which I host this blog, is that I use a home PC as a Web-server, that’s meant to be visible to the entire Internet. I don’t really recommend that other people do this; this just happens to be what I do. As a result, the visibility of my site and blog on the Internet, are limited by the behaviors of my home Internet as well as by the modem / router that I use. This one happens to be owned by my ISP.

As recently as last Wednesday, which was December 12, 2018, this blog went off-line, due to some problem with the router, which was similar to the problem I posted about Here.

This time around, there is no firm estimate, of when the problem will be fixed. I’m hoping that this will be resolved, by the time the next firmware update for this router is downloaded by the ISP, but that can take an unpredictably long time.

My own personal use of the Internet remains unaffected.