Improvement in my ability to compile code.

One of my practices on this blog has been, to compile certain programs for use either under Linux or Windows, depending on which compiled binary gets used by my reader, to sign any Windows .EXE Files, but only to be able to generate such Windows executables, if they did not have a GUI – i.e., if they were meant to be used in text-mode only, from a Windows command-prompt.

One reason for this has been, the fact that I was teaching myself the Qt5 GUI library, which is cross-platform, but which requires software beyond Visual Studio to compile on the Windows platform I’ve been using, just for such projects.

Ideally, I’d be able to write a Qt5 application once, and then compile it separately, for use under Linux or Windows, and on top of that, to put my code signature on the Windows executable.

Well, I’ve gotten closer to this objective, by means of brute force. I’ve installed the Qt SDK for Windows, in a way that parallels my installation of Qt development packages under Linux. I am able to transfer the source code, and then compile it on the other platform.

Once again, the URL at which my list of potential binaries resides, is:

And the 4 new additions, which did not previously have Windows executables within, are:

  • ‘Creator_Test3.tar.gz’
  • ‘’
  • ‘Dirk_Roots_GUI_1.tar.gz’
  • ‘’