Paint Touch-Up after installing Doorknob

Today I proceeded to do a paint touch-up around my newly-installed doorknob.

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The previous owners of my condominium had left me an extra can of paint when I moved in, in 2007, and the main color used to paint my interior walls was called “Eggshell White”. But since 9 years have gone by, that extra paint has dried up. And so I needed to go out and buy fresh paint, which I was hoping to get in exactly the original color.

It used to be that when we went to a store to buy paint, there was an entire department concerned with matching an exact color choice by the customer. In fact, the attendant behind the counter would often mix paints he had, to hit a color which the customer was asking for, but which was not in stock.

But the way it works today, the Economic Apparatus has decided that this is no longer to be a part of our standard of living. Instead, each store today only sells paint in a small number of fixed colors. And the closest approximation to ‘Eggshell White’ which I was able to find, was “Cotton White”. And so there is no more way in which paint touch-ups in my home, will match the previous color exactly, unless I decide to repaint my whole home, in an officially enabled color.