Progress with the WiFi on Klystron

In This Earlier Posting, I had written that there were once stability issues, with the WiFi chip-set of my laptop, which I name ‘Klystron’.

Since then, there has been some updating of the kernel, and therefore also some updating of the in-tree kernel module, which operates the WiFi chip-set, and some updating of the firmware as well.

The way the behavior of the laptop has been since then is, that its WiFi connection finally seems stable, at 802.11n speeds and with H/W encryption, but that a rather odd behavior has cropped up, according to which the membership of that laptop in my Samba Workgroup, seems to fail overnight, consistently.

What I seem to decipher, is that this later malfunction is related to the fact that, like many Linux systems, ‘Klystron’ restarts some of its services periodically – nightly – including the ‘nmbd‘ Daemon, the Linux equivalent of the ‘Network Monitoring BIOS Daemon’, which emulates ‘NetBIOS‘. And something about the way the restart takes place is still not perfectly kosher. It seems to require I disconnect from the WiFi afterward, and simply reconnect, before the local laptop shows up as part of my Workgroup again. And yet, it remains fully possible to surf the Web, as well as just to connect directly to my Samba server and to browse it, using a predefined IP address…

But for the moment, there is no reason to suspect, that this has anything at all to do with the Firmware or the Kernel Module. And it has taken me some period of observation to reach that conclusion.