I just watched the movie, “The Imitation Game”.

As the title suggests, I did watch this movie today, by way of Netflix. And, even though the desktop ‘Mithral’ has a 1920×1080 monitor, I chose to watch this movie on the laptop I name ‘Klystron’ instead, which ‘only’ has a 1600×900 monitor, and which is running Linux, as many of my earlier postings explained. In addition, I have had a suspicious eye on ‘Klystron’ in recent weeks, concerning the stability of its WiFi.

That laptop lasted through the movie without any glitches. And its CPU was active, at 4x 30% – as opposed to being active at 4x 25%, when I choose to transfer a 500MB video clip from another computer, just by way of a Samba share.

About the movie, I would say this was a good one. Further, I was able to merge the picture which was painted of Turing, and of his machine, and of Enigma, with knowledge I already had about these subjects, fairly well. The movie strikes me as well-founded in facts. And yet, it also made for some good drama.

Actually, I find that this movie was one of the better ones I have seen in quite some time. I will forgive the fact that it is merely a docu-drama.