Upcoming changes to my Internet, and what they may mean for this blog.

One of the unusual things I do is, to host this blog, as well as anything else belonging to my site, on a PC at home. I don’t recommend that everybody do it this way, it’s just how I’ve been doing it over the years.

Well naturally, since I’m doing this, the availability of my site is only as good as:

  • The reliability of this PC, which acts as my server,
  • The reliability of my Internet connection,
  • The reliability of the standard domestic power supply to my home.

The Internet connection which I presently have, is really only a DSL. But what has been announced is, that our building will be upgraded to fibre-optic Internet in the coming months. It’s going to be a big project. I welcome this upgrade, and have been rooting for it, because the existing DSL wires have been deteriorating for several years now. This will bring better Internet to my home.

However, there is no way for me to be certain that with fibre-optic Internet, I will be able to continue to host this blog (or site). The reasons are numerous and not worth for me to elaborate on.

For that reason, this site and blog might just disappear in the coming months.

I’m sorry if any of my readers will miss it.