Update about DSL Connectivity

In This Earlier Posting, I wrote that I host my blog and site, on my private server at home, and that therefore, the visibility of my site to the Internet depends on the reliability of my DSL connection. This is atypical of me. I also wrote recently that I was anticipating some downtime, due to inclement weather.

What has happened instead, is that from time to time my ISP has asked my modem to reconnect, thus giving me a new IP address. My ISP has the right to do this, because they own the IP address range and I do not.

But in response to this, the site has been offline for only about 5-10 minutes at a time, and my subscribed DynDNS service has kicked right in, and updated my publicly-visible IP address. So it is business as usual for now.



The Weather In Montreal

It is a reality in the Greater Montreal Area, the GMA, that we will experience some nasty weather during any Winter.

Because I host my blog on my own private computer from home, to act as my server, if there are power failures, these will cause downtime, during which my blog will be invisible to the rest of the Internet.

Tomorrow, Monday, December 26, we are expecting freezing rain. My readers may also expect that they cannot access this blog. If that happens, it will not be because the Cookie Monster is after me, but probably, due to some service interruption, which our providers are also helpless to prevent with 100% reliability.

In such a case, I urge you to be patient.



The Weather in Montreal

Today around 15h00, we were having a blizzard at -14°C in Montreal. This evening, the temperature will drop to -24°C. I do not wish for power-failures, and none have taken place at my home so far. But it remains a fact in the West Island of Montreal, where many homes are actually heated with resistance wire and high amperage, that power failures eventually happen in every Winter.

Therefore, readers should not be worried if at times, there are new outages in my blog and site.