Problems with my DSL. Downtime.

One of the peculiarities with which I host this blog, is that I use a home PC as a Web-server, that’s meant to be visible to the entire Internet. I don’t really recommend that other people do this; this just happens to be what I do. As a result, the visibility of my site and blog on the Internet, are limited by the behaviors of my home Internet as well as by the modem / router that I use. This one happens to be owned by my ISP.

As recently as last Wednesday, which was December 12, 2018, this blog went off-line, due to some problem with the router, which was similar to the problem I posted about Here.

This time around, there is no firm estimate, of when the problem will be fixed. I’m hoping that this will be resolved, by the time the next firmware update for this router is downloaded by the ISP, but that can take an unpredictably long time.

My own personal use of the Internet remains unaffected.



My Web-site is to be offline, for approximately a week.

One of the facts which I’ve posted about before, is that in a way which is atypical, I host both my Web-site, and therefore also my blog, on my personal computer at home. This does not mean that I recommend other people do it this way, this is only the way I do it.

One implication of that is, that the visibility of my blog is only as good, as the visibility of my PC on the Internet.

In recent days, there has been some problem with my Router / Modem, that has prevented me from defining port-forwarding rules, for inbound connections. And what this means is, that my site, and therefore my blog, cannot be visible on the Internet, obviously.

Even though it’s not obvious what has gone wrong with my router, I’m working with my ISP to resolve the issue. However, we’ve already decided that the technician which my ISP is to send me, will only arrive next Monday, November 19. Therefore, this outage will last for an unusually long time, namely, for about a week in total.

I apologize if this has inconvenienced any of my readers.

Even though my blog is currently not visible on the Internet, this fact does not prevent me from accessing it, and from adding entries to it, as usual, during this outage.



Kernel Update today, Downtime

I take the somewhat unusual approach, of hosting my site and therefore also this blog, on a private PC at home which I name ‘Phoenix’. This is not how sites are usually hosted. And what it means is that, while I get to play with my own server all I want, the visibility of this blog on the Internet, is only as good, as the up-time and the connectivity of this PC.

This evening a Kernel Update was put through the system, which required I reboot this Linux computer. Therefore, my site and blog were off-line from about 20h00 until about 20h15.

I apologize for any inconvenience to my readers, but these things must be done.

The kernel update itself seemed to have no ill effects, that I can detect immediately. But in all honesty, if there was ever anything wrong with a kernel update, there are essentially two types of problems which can take place:

  1. The computer immediately refuses to boot,
  2. It takes a long time to detect a problem, and when this is done, the problem is usually also detected by somebody other than me.

So because I’m back up, there’s nothing to complain about! :-)

FWIW, this computer had been running one session, for 35 days straight, with no real technical issues.



Power Failure Last Afternoon, Downtime

I take the unusual approach, of hosting my Web-site, and therefore also this blog, on one of my PCs at home, which I name ‘Phoenix’. What this means is that the visibility of this site and blog is only as good, as the availability of this PC.

Unfortunately, we had a power failure yesterday afternoon from about 14h55, that lasted until about 0h00 this morning. It’s unusual even for Montreal, for the power to be out for so long.

Because I was sleeping when the power came back on, I did not reboot ‘Phoenix’ until about 3h15 this morning, from which point on this site and blog were available again.

I apologize for any inconvenience to my readers.

I suppose that I could make a wild guess, as to why the power was out for so long, last night. At 15h00, the temperature outside was still 31⁰C, and we were having a severe thunderstorm. Any thunderstorm will have as side-effect, to overload the power-grid, in parts of the world like Montreal, where much of the distribution wires – that carry 14.4kV – are above-ground. This is because, every time a lightning bolt strikes the actual power line, this causes a brief brownout, which will usually not be enough to cause my computers to crash, but which will cause scores of air-conditioner compressor-motors to stall, simultaneously.

The combination of a severe overload, with outside temperatures of 31⁰C, which had not subsided yet, may have caused one of the main transformers in the transformer stations to fail. If that did happen, I’m guessing that the main problem of our power-utility would have been, to find a replacement for one like that quickly. The next problem would have been, actually to install the new transformer as a replacement for the old, blown one, quickly.

All in all I’m happy, that my computers – and this site – are Up again.

(Update 08/30/2018, 13h45 : )

I have written in another part of my blog, that when I am inside and there is inclement weather, I tend not to notice strong winds that are outside at all. Well after setting foot outside today, I compared my power failure with power failures that other people had, also yesterday. The picture I got was, there were numerous power failures, not one, and different times at which each person’s power was restored again. What this means is that not all the power failures, can have been caused, by one transformer blowing.