Mithral Seems To Be Stable Again.

In earlier postings, I had written, that my Windows 7 computer ‘Mithral’ had become unstable, and that this was related to the fact that I had set up background-defragmentation using the 3rd-party, commercially-paid-for Application named “Diskeeper 2011″. The reason for this idea was the observation, that crashes seemed to take place only during times of the night, when I had Diskeeper configured to do its BG-defrag, and while I was not making any active use of that computer.

In connection with this I had observed, that sometimes a Windows computer can get into a state, where the session does not survive a defragmentation, until a ‘Check-Disk’ is run, even though in my case I had run a Check-Disk, and the problem persisted.

This situation had led me to the possibility, that I might have to reinstall a new O/S onto Mithral.

What I have found instead, was that simply updating to a new version of Diskeeper, which requires to uninstall the old version first, seems to have solved that problem. I can think of two reasons, why it might have done so:

  1. There might have been some FS Corruption, but the type of background-scan which version 2016 of the software performs, may be sufficiently improved to correct that, without causing a crash, or
  2. Diskeeper uses some version of the Visual Studio C++ Run-Time Library, and while I was installing “Visual Studio 2015 Express”, I also did update a certain ‘MSVCRT’ to the latest version. But, since Diskeeper 2011 was not an up-to-date Application version, it might itself have gotten into trouble, from depending on the latest MSVCRT version. So, an up-to-date Application-version, may also be able to make full use of an up-to-date library version.