Reducing the amount of Data Cached by our Applications

My smart-phone is a Samsung Galaxy S6, with 64GB of mass-storage – internal. It runs on Android. This morning I got a notification about a subject which I had known about for some time: My phone was running low on Storage. So I investigated for the first time, a subject which had been lingering. On a phone with 64GB of storage, this problem should not really occur.

What I found was that in my case, the cache used by the installed applications far exceeded the true amount of working storage I was consuming. My Cached Application Data was consuming 38GB by itself! And so I needed to perform a quick operation, to reduce this consumption.

In such a case, it does not serve any useful purpose, to Clear the Cache Partition. The reason for this is the old-school fact, that the Cache Partition is a separately-mounted partition, which may in certain cases contain corrupted bytes of data, but the consumption of which will never compete with the amount of storage in any other partition. I did clear my cache partition, but doing so had no effect on the amount of data being indicated, as Cached by the Applications, and on my main partition.

In such a case, the only thing really to do, is to clear the cache of specific applications, and/or uninstall apps we are not using, until the amount required has been freed. I had less than 1GB of working storage left at this point.

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