The New Case Fan Has Failed.

According to this posting, my Linux-computer ‘Phoenix’, which is also my Web-server, once had a failed case-fan, and I had replaced it with a new one.

I knew that the old one had failed, both because my desktop widget showed it as only spinning intermittently, and because when I inspected it, with the tower-case open, I could sense with my hand, that the old fan had increased resistance to being turned. I assumed some sort of bearing failure.

The new case-fan did spin at full speed correctly, for some time.

But in recent days, I find that the new case-fan has failed again. I really have no explanation for this, but my widget now shows its RPMs doing the same thing they were doing, for the old case-fan, sometimes spinning, and sometimes stalled.

Now, I could undertake simply to replace it again, with a 3rd fan. But since the first repair did not work, I have no reason to assume that replacing the case-fan again would work. And so I am left pondering, what I should do.


(Edit 05/20/2017 : )

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The new case-fan is variable-speed.

In this posting, I wrote that I had installed a new 92mm case-fan, on the old computer I name ‘Phoenix’.

One interesting fact about this is, that the fan is variable-speed. After a cold start, it only spins at 1000-1500 RPM. After that, if the computer has been idle, it spins at 2000-2500 RPM. And if things get toasty in there, it revs up to 3000, 3500 or even 5000 RPM.

Remarkably, this seems to be caused by drivers recognizing what they have to do, but did not require any setup on my part.