I watched the new Star Wars movie tonight.

It’s been an objective throughout most of this blog, to focus on factual subjects or sincere opinions. But right now I’d just like to mention, that I did watch “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (Episode 7) with an old friend. I’d say that the only way to watch this movie, is in some sort of social context. And so I must also announce the fact that I’ve finally watched it this evening.

I saw the very first Star Wars movie when it came out in the 1970s, which was Episode 4 as the first in the mini-series, and at that time I was maybe 12 years old. Being ‘the right’ age for it, I was blown away by the first Star Wars movie, but also because I was not yet capable of critical thinking. Later on in my teenage life, I was very critical of the entire Star Wars franchise, although I watched every movie.

Without giving away any details, I’d like to say that to my adult mind, the current movie was better, now that Disney owns it. I was not disappointed, but would only rate it 3/5 . I’d add, that it helps if the viewer liked Star Wars already, in order to appreciate this genre.


(Edit 1/23/2016 : ) One criticism which I have for this movie, is that its plot wasn’t based much on any technological premises, but rather theatrical in nature, in spite of all the neat combat and explosion scenes.

For example, many characters now wear masks, that don’t do anything useful. According to my earlier impression of Episode 4 however, those masks could have provided oxygen to supposed infantry, which needed to be landed on a planet even, that didn’t have any slightly breathable atmosphere…


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One thought on “I watched the new Star Wars movie tonight.”

  1. It could happen to a military-dictatorship-in-space, that they’d want to land infantry on a planet which doesn’t even have a breathable atmosphere. And I’d like you to look at that statement not-superficially. Granted, if there was no life on a planet, there would be little point in landing infantry there. But the planet could have an atmosphere which only its native inhabitants can actually breathe, and a Human invasion force might want to land infantry there anyway.

    Well in past Star Wars episodes, I saw the fact that the Imperial Stormtroopers etc. were wearing masks, as an opportunity within the Pseudoscience, to put that these suits and masks also feed them an autonomous oxygen supply, which would then also be free of Nerve Gas etc., which these poor natives might use to defend their own planet. According to my style of thinking, such a plot would have ‘made sense’.

    But what the new owners of the franchise have clearly decided in “Episode 7: The Force Awakens” , is that the masks don’t need to serve any purpose at all, and that characters simply walk around in masks, because they have Psychological problems. That ~makes sense~ to the producers.

    What I had thought was, that Darth Vader’s breathing sounds were good to latch on to, to make him seem more evil, but that in fact his apparatus was feeding him breathable air when it was necessary. This could be similar to how an eye-patch can both make a person look evil, and have a purpose in real life.

    But with these masks, Nooo…

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