The so-called HBS-730 Headphones were Counterfeit.

I had written some postings, which are by now deleted, according to which I had bought LG Tone+ HBS-730 Headphones, and where I was trying to analyze the sound quality.

I had previously understood that there exist numerous sound compression schemes such as MP3, OGG, and aptX, which have a great deal of complexity. But what none of my foreknowledge told me, was to what extent the quality of each of these schemes is supposed to make their existence transparent. The goal in designing them is actually to make their existence unnoticeable, if possible.

According to what I have now found out, the fake headphones that I had bought, did not only have sound compression, but a level of sound quality that can be regarded as defective. Even though aptX is complex, we can expect much more of it than those headphones were producing.

(Edit 06/25/2016 : ) Those headphones dropped the quality of my sound to be approximately as if it was 128kbps MP3 sound across-the-board, while MP3 and OGG Files that I mastered myself, are at 192kbps if not 256kbps.


Those headphones are history to me. One of the death-knells, which finally allowed me to understand that those were fake, was the unanimous consensus that the HBS-730s are supposed to be able to play close to 10 hours of music, but that mine could only play music for 135 minutes.

There is some amount of discrepancy which can be accounted for, just because the batteries may be on their first charge. But that amount of discrepancy should be less than 5:1.

There were actually numerous hints given off by those headphones, which all seemed to point at the same conclusion. I am ashamed at myself, for not having spotted said forgery faster.



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