I have just tested the Android apps, ‘Mazec’ and ‘MetaMoJi Note’.

One of the tasks which some people might assign their Android tablets, is to use for note-taking. And as I wrote before, trying to do this becomes entangled in some hardware-related issues.

I’ve just downloaded two apps, which work best together, but which don’t absolutely need to be used together:

  1. MetaMoJi Note,
  2. Mazec.

To my great surprise I found that they work very well on my Google Pixel C tablet. One reason they do work, is because during normal use, only a narrow rectangle near the bottom of the display needs to be touched by the passive stylus, which means that the user’s palm is resting below the actual tablet.

When MetaMoJi Note is being used in line-drawing mode, in addition to allowing the user to jot his glyphs directly at their destination within the document, a very small icon in the bottom-right-hand corner expands a lower rectangle for drawing input, which remains associated with a movable, smaller rectangle within the document. The position of the destination-rectangle can be changed.

At the same time, when the doodling app is in text-mode, and if Mazec has been selected as the device’s input method – aka on-screen keyboard – again, the destination rectangle can be repositioned within the document, and writing proceeds in the text-entry rectangle at the bottom.




I do see three basic cons to this combination of software:

  1. It’s not obvious to me, that the maximum speed at which most users will be able to enter text drawn in this way, can be made to catch up with the speed at which, for example, University lectures will typically be given. I found that I needed to increase the Word Spacing from 0.4 to 0.7 because the initial need to write letters very close together, was slowing me down…
  2. These two apps together, amount to a price-tag, that may be higher than what most users are used to spending,
  3. Finally, Mazec is one of those input methods, which will not work to unlock the tablet, after a reboot. Depending on how the device’s version of Android is configured, directly after a reboot, there may be no icon displayed to change the input method. If that’s the case, then the additional risk exists, that the device might just crash while this keyboard is selected. And if that happens, to unlock the tablet may become difficult. Therefore, the total amount of time this IM is selected should be kept to a minimum, just to reduce this risk.



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