My Web-site is to be offline, for approximately a week.

One of the facts which I’ve posted about before, is that in a way which is atypical, I host both my Web-site, and therefore also my blog, on my personal computer at home. This does not mean that I recommend other people do it this way, this is only the way I do it.

One implication of that is, that the visibility of my blog is only as good, as the visibility of my PC on the Internet.

In recent days, there has been some problem with my Router / Modem, that has prevented me from defining port-forwarding rules, for inbound connections. And what this means is, that my site, and therefore my blog, cannot be visible on the Internet, obviously.

Even though it’s not obvious what has gone wrong with my router, I’m working with my ISP to resolve the issue. However, we’ve already decided that the technician which my ISP is to send me, will only arrive next Monday, November 19. Therefore, this outage will last for an unusually long time, namely, for about a week in total.

I apologize if this has inconvenienced any of my readers.

Even though my blog is currently not visible on the Internet, this fact does not prevent me from accessing it, and from adding entries to it, as usual, during this outage.



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