Still Having Issues with WiFi Going To Sleep

In This Posting, as well as This Posting, I wrote at length, about a misbehavior which the WiFi on my laptop ‘Klystron’ has, in which the WiFi seems to go to sleep, after periods of disuse. The individual applications and programs still seem to behave locally as though connected, including my ‘gkrellm’ widget (which shows a low level of activity), but in fact the external network shows that I am no longer connected.

This seems to be related somehow, to the fact that this laptop has the Realtek WiFi chipset, with the related Linux driver for ‘rtl8723be’.

I have just recently found out, that this behavior was triggered, by my closing the laptop lid, and by nothing else. Because I did not know at an earlier point in time, that closing the laptop lid triggered this condition, I was also not able to troubleshoot the problem better. For example, I had thought that maybe keeping the desktop manager locked with a screensaver, might have been triggering this, and so when next the desktop manager was able to stay locked for a full day – but with the laptop lid open – without this behavior setting in, I had thought prematurely that the problem was solved.

This problem persists. And I have also tried going into the KDE Advanced Power Settings, and unchecking the box that says “Never Prevent An Action On Lid Close”. On the distributions that I have used, this user-setting defaulted to checked. But even when this box is not checked, closing the laptop lid still causes the behavior.

I still do not have a working solution to this problem.



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