LG Tone Infinim HBS-910 Bluetooth Headphones

In This earlier posting, I had written that my LG Tonepro HBS-750 Bluetooth Headphones had permanently failed. Today, I received the HBS-910 headphones that are meant to replace those. And as I’ve written before, it is important to me, to benefit from the high-quality sound, that both sets of headphones offer.

I’m breaking in the new ones, as I’m writing this.

There exists a design-philosophy today, according to which music-playback is supposed to boost the bass and attenuate the highest frequencies – the ones higher than 10kHz – so that the listener will get the subjective impression that the sound is ‘louder’, and so that the listener will reduce the actual signal-level, to preserve their hearing better than it was done a few decades ago.

  1. The lowest-frequency (default) setting on the equalizer of the headphones does both of those things.
  2. The next setting stops boosting the bass.
  3. The third setting, stops attenuating the treble.

Overall, I get the impression that the highest frequencies which the HBS-910 can reproduce, extend higher, than what the HBS-750 was able to reproduce.

I claim to be able to recognize this even after having played several songs, originally encoded using MP3 compression, and the reason is the fact, that MP3 will in fact encode those frequencies – as high as 15kHz – as long as the amplitudes associated with those frequency components, are deemed strong enough to be audible. Above 10kHz, the same curve states them to become progressively inaudible. The only problem with this is, that given MP3s encoded ‘back in the old days’, did not allow the listener still to discern what exactly the sounds were, around 15kHz. The level of detail of those frequency-components was often compromised, not their mere presence.

But, there is a clearer advantage to the HBS-910 over the previous headphones for me. I have fairly narrow ear-canals, which can make it hard to fit in the earbuds. Therefore, with the HBS-750 it was the case, that in spite of having put on the smallest earpiece-gels, those did not fit properly in my ears – still too large.

Well, once I had switched the HBS-910 earbuds to their narrowest gel-pieces, I found that those fit properly into my ears, achieving an airtight fit. :)  The result of this is that now, I can hear the sound with greater depth and clarity than I could, when the HBS-750 earbuds were only partially in-place.

Please note: in order to be able to benefit from any of this, the reader would also need to have a phone, capable of aptX (non-HD) compression, which gets used to send HQ sound to the headphones – not phone-calls.



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