Card Payment Machines Less Of A Problem Now

One subject which had often caused me some anxiety in the past, was the fact that people were inserting their (payment) chip-cards into payment machines, and then using their hands to adjust the cards. The fact that humans may think they are steadying the card, in reality causes the card to slide slightly – to a lesser degree than we perceive – and this can cause electrical noise at the contacts, which can cause “Card Error”.

The newer payment machines are less probable than the old ones to suffer from this. And the reason seems to be, the fact that while older machines made it a point to start accessing the payment card from the moment it was inserted – let us say to verify that it was indeed a payment card inserted – The newer machines only start to send data to and receive data from the cards at a much later point in the transaction – let us say When the customer has acknowledged the price to be paid.

So I have also not been getting many Card Errors lately.



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