Bell Home Hub 2000: A Newly-Discovered Peeve

The router I have, that manages my LAN, as well as my WiFi, as well as my access to the WAN, is a “Bell Home Hub 2000″ router. Overall I’m very satisfied with this router, especially since I’ve been able to operate a Web-site, in spite of having this router, which does not provide loopback-capability. But just last night, I discovered a detail in how this router works, that disappointed me just a little.

I additionally have a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone, which can sometimes famously suffer from the problem of dropping its WiFi connection. Through a process of elimination, I found out that on my WiFi, this problem was caused, by some sort of issue with the 5GHz frequency-band.

WiFi today has the capability to operate at center-frequencies of either 2.4, or of 5 GHz. When the Samsung S6 sees that both versions of a WiFi access point are available, it will automatically try to connect to the 5GHz version, because doing so can offer the greatest connection speeds.

At the same time, this router does not allow, for the 2.4GHz access point, and the 5GHz access point, to have different SSIDs – which are the codes that people commonly use to identify an access point. In reality, by offering both the 2.4 and the 5GHz option to connect to the WiFi, my router is offering two different access points, that happen to have the same SSID.

Further, some advice given on the Internet is invalid, that states, users can force their Samsung S6 to connect using the 2.4GHz channel, out of their WiFi-settings, on the phone. With its present firmware, the Galaxy S6 has no such setting anywhere; its behavior is always automatic.

And so eventually, through trial-and-error, I discovered that by simply ‘switching off’ the router’s 5GHz band, then turning off the WiFi on my phone, and then turning the phone’s WiFi back on, I was able to get the phone to ~reconnect~ to my SSID automatically, and to form a stable connection. It does not seem to be dropping anymore. Its simple ability to reconnect automatically, and not to require me to initiate the reconnection manually, already acted last night to reassure me, that the problem was solved.

What I would like to do however, is allow my ‘Roku Ultra’ to connect to my WiFi using the 5GHz band, because this has always worked, and because using the 5GHz frequency-band does allow for greater speed, while still forcing my phone to connect to the 2.4Ghz band, because the phone only seems to be stable, when connecting to that one.

One way to accomplish this could be, to give the 2.4GHz access point, in my router settings, a different SSID, from the SSID which my 5GHz access point has, so that simply selecting one SSID or the other from the client, as the WiFi network to connect to, would also make the choice, of whether that client will connect using the 2.4GHz band, or the 5GHz band.

But what I found was, that while I can turn the 5GHz band on and off from the router settings, I cannot assign it a different SSID, simply because of how the router has been programmed.

I found this to be my first disappointment, with this router, so far.



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