I have just now wiped Maverick.

I own a Hewlett Packard laptop which had Windows 8.1 installed on it from the seller, and which had the network name ‘Maverick’.

After much consideration I decided last night to wipe Windows off that laptop, and to install a current version of Linux on it: Kanotix / Spitfire, which is a Debian / Jessie -based bundle. It occurred to me, that I was not getting much use out of it, and that the software was in an unorganized state, with Windows on it.

The type of Linux install which I did, was a UEFI-capable install. But I did learn, that this by itself does not mean that the system will benefit from Secure Boot. Secure Boot is the feature of UEFI motherboards, which uses Cryptography to make sure that the program which is immediately executed has a valid signature. And that would go beyond what Kanotix has to offer me.

Simply being a UEFI setup, signifies that its means of communicating with the BIOS, are not the legacy but this newer system.

Before ever having set up a UEFI Linux system before, I did not really understand what was ‘Secure Boot’, and what was just ‘UEFI’.

So now I can continue on the long road, of adding much software to this laptop under Linux. This time, the Linux O/S is on a powerful machine, with the new network name ‘Klystron’.



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