About Playing Back Non-DRMed Content

I have run across the idea several times, that unknown people in the Industry, wish to block the users’ ability to create Non-DRMed content – that being either Video-DVDs or Video-Blu-rays – and to play back that content on standard playback-devices.

According to my own experiences, this idea is an unsubstantiated rumor. In addition to such a measure seeming pointless – wanting to block content of which nobody claims intellectual ownership – in every case I’ve encountered myself, there was some sort of technical bug or incompatibility, arising from the actual data and its formats.

In my experience, playback devices do what my computers do, which is to play back content as best their logic allows, as long as the content is Not DRMed. Just as with computers, the logic of these machines does not always follow ‘Human Common Sense’.

What this also suggests, is that the description is largely hype, according to which UDF content urgently needs to be of version 2.50 . Higher UDF versions do serve a purpose, but that purpose was never meant to be, to restrict access to technology. Accordingly, I still find the concept plausible, that many consumers have content on Hybrid ISO9660 / UDF 1.02 disks, even if those disks were bought in a store, and that standalone playback-devices simply play them.



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