My Goal in Maintaining Multiple Older Computers

In this posting, among others, I wrote that I am doing private work to keep an old Acer Aspire 5020 laptop running, which has a single-core CPU that runs at 1.8GHz, and which only has 1GB of RAM. And so a good question which some people might ask would be, ‘What is the point?’

One reason I do that, is the fact that I feel a need to have multiple computers on my LAN, that are Linux machines. Most of my up-to-date machines do run Windows, but there are certain things I need Linux to do, and for which only a Linux computer can network properly, with the other Linux computers. And so to keep an old laptop from 2005 alive, seems to make some sense to me.

Besides which, a laptop from 2005 can do things under Linux, that a Windows machine from 2016 can do, as long as the Linux version on the old laptop is decently up-to-date.



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