My Neato Vacuuming Robot

I own a Neato XV Signature vacuuming robot.

Neato XV _1

One problem with this robot, is the fact that sometimes it does not find its way back to its charging station correctly, after completing its job of vacuuming a large part of my floor.

My main, real worry about this in the past has been, that once the Neato has recognized it is lost in some way, even though it turns off its turbine and carpet brush, it could stay powered up, with its LED blinking in the amber color, and asking for a human to help it. In theory, the robot could do this until there was no charge left in its battery, especially if the human was not at home. And because this robot runs on Linux, this would mean a crash of its O/S.

What I have recently discovered though, is that once the unit recognizes that it needs human intervention to proceed, it does not merely shut down its motors and blink its LED. In addition, this robot will go into a low-power mode, in which a human who just came home might not even notice it. And then every few minutes, it will briefly power up again, to be able to play its notification sound, and to blink its LED, to get my attention.

And in this mode, the unit has been lost for hours while I was not at home, this past Wednesday, and it did not even deplete its battery level due to this reason. All I needed to do, was reposition it slightly in front of its charging station, and tell it to proceed as normal…

This observation has increased my level of confidence in the vacuuming robot, for use when I am not home.



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