SSL Certificate Update Runs In Background Successfully Now.

For the parts of my Web-site – that have nothing to do with my blog – which use SSL, I have been subscribing to certificates from ‘Let’s Encrypt‘. These certificates have as their basis a ‘Certbot‘ robot, that runs on each subscribing server, and that tries to renew certificates when the time has come to do so.

On some past occasions, this robot has failed to do this in the background, requiring that I manually restart my Apache Web-server.

Due to the recent ‘normalization’ of my server-configuration – setting Apache to listen on port 443 again – I’m happy to find out that the Certbot has renewed my SSL Certificate as a background task, without requiring my manual participation, and that it was able to restart Apache as well, without resulting any any disruption, to the availability of my blog to readers. Yay!



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