Linux Rocks!

A little bird has whispered into my ear, that people who use Linux today, are like DJs, still using cassette tapes.

I think that the simpler idea needs to be put into view again, that Linux is Up For The Times. We have good software, terrific security, and great sophistication.

But if you are a Linux user or Linux expert, you already know this.

The only real drawback which I see to Linux today, is the inaccessibility of standard, killer games. Those will require that some of us still keep Windows computers around, and powerful Windows computers at that.

But for all the other things people do on computers, including documents, including multimedia, including social networking, including music authoring, including Web servers, including VPNs, including programming, including to control robots from our own workbenches, there are ample Linux solutions, which are often also HQ solutions.

I think though, that If a user happens not to be much of an expert or at least a power-user, you might need to have ‘a Linux Guru’ on-hand, to run a Linux machine properly… BTW, I’m not for hire.



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