Routine Kernel Update Today, Downtime

Today, the Debian Package Maintainers pushed through a routine kernel update, to version ‘3.16.0-4-amd64‘ . Even though this machine is a Linux computer, this update required a reboot. Further, I take the unusual step of hosting my Web-site and blog on my own server at home.

This implies that the Web-site was offline briefly, more specifically from about 13h05 until 13h15. I cannot display a Maintenance Mode Page during such an event, because doing so would still require that my Web-server be online.

However, because everything about this update went smoothly, the interruption to the system processes had a duration closer to 5 minutes than to 10 minutes. I did not notice any malfunctions.

Oh yes, this also caused my local cache to get flushed (‘memcached‘), for which reason access to the favorite postings of the readers will remain a bit sluggish for the next day or so.



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