The Spotify App on Roku Again

As I wrote in this earlier posting, I did create a membership with Spotify, specifically so that I would be able to get its music to play in the background, on my Roku. But one glitch which I did hint at, was that continuous playback in shuffle-mode would just stop after some amount of time, while most of my Internet-surfing activity works fine, and while most of my Roku channels also play fine.

Actually, all I had said was that this Spotify player was unstable as it stands.

I just wanted to point out, that this problem has been written about elsewhere. The problem seems to be, that Spotify does not update its Roku player-channel specifically.

Well if my Spotify membership was to continue and this problem just persisted indefinitely, I would also need to reconsider it. My main reason would be, the fact that I saw this as my main reason to join Spotify.

Now, I understand that software does not just spring out of the ground, and that programming is hard work, but other software-projects see frequent updates. It would not be unreasonable to expect the same of Spotify.

BTW, My Roku is a Roku Ultra, with Software Version 7.5.1, Build 4095.

This actually means that I have the latest update, and no reason to think that the problem is with the Roku itself.



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