New DSL Modem, Downtime

According to This Posting, quite some time ago, I had written of having had DSL disconnection issues, which also caused my Web-site and my blog to go offline. But according to the posting above, those problems were positively supposed to have been solved, in that there had been wiring issues between my DSL Modem and the Junction Box.

The unfortunate reality is, that since then, I have been experiencing ongoing difficulties with my DSL, also resulting in intermittent downtime.

Today, a technician from my ISP came, and reported to me that my DSL wires had actually been connected to an incorrect circuit-board, in the junction-box. But additionally, he gave me a new DSL Modem / Router.

So from about 13h00 until 15h10 this afternoon, my site was in a state of disarray, and thus in essence, down once more.

But this time around, I am hoping that the work done – and the offline time it took to perform that work – will have paid off, in a DSL connection which is finally stable.



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