An Observation About My New Doorknob

When we buy a kit to install a doorknob, this includes a smaller faceplate, not for the door-frame, but one which is sunk into the edge of the door, to ‘protect’ the part which projects and latches.

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It turns out that this faceplate belonging to my new doorknob, is about 1mm wider, than the one which the old doorknob used. As a result, a rectangular opening had been carved into the particle-board of the door’s edge, which is 1mm too narrow for the new faceplate to slide in.

Somebody with the right tools would simply be able to make this opening 1mm wider. But I, myself, find this to be a daunting detail.

And so the new faceplate sits on top of the edge of the door, that should fit in snugly. And this is one reason for which the new doorknob isn’t aligned 100% to where the old one was.

I have enough tolerance between the edge of the door and the inside of the door-frame, so that the protruding faceplate doesn’t interfere at all with the door closing.

But the fact that the new doorknob isn’t aligned 100%, as well as that the faceplate protrudes, is slightly discomforting.



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