I received a new battery for my Acer Aspire today.

One fact which I did write about, was that I own an old ‘Acer Aspire 5020′, in addition to my other computers, but that the network name of the Acer laptop was ‘Venus’, when it is running in Linux mode.

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This laptop was manufactured in 2005, and needed a new battery.

What’s remarkable about this, is the fact that the Lithium Ion battery it came with in 2005, may only have held a fraction of the charge it was supposed to, but still held a charge in 2016. This is because unlike today, in 2005, Acer produced high-quality products. But given the times, I would not buy an Acer today.

The old battery was holding a 1-hour charge in theory, although it would never actually reach that, because my settings forbade the charge from going below 25%.

Now that I received the new battery, I expect that it will hold a 2-hour charge again, and that I can safely set the laptop’s critical level to 15% again. But I do not expect, that the new, gray-market battery, will also last another 10 years.



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