IP Update Failure, Downtime

When we host our Web-sites on professional services, we benefit from the paid advantage, that professionals also make sure there is little or no downtime of their servers. But as I have written before, I host my site, and my blog, on my computer at home. And one component of what makes that possible, I wrote about here, which is called “DynDNS”.

Around 15h00 this afternoon, while I was not home, my ISP carried out a routine IP address change, since I do not own my own IP addresses. There was nothing wrong with the fact that the ISP did this. But my DynDNS Update Client program, which runs on my computer, stupidly and naively failed to update my IP address with the DynDNS servers, even though all my credentials are properly stored on the client.

For that reason, my site and blog were inaccessible to the Internet, until about 17h05, which was the time I came home, to find that to my surprise, there had been no blackout, and no ISP disruption of any kind.

Sometimes, the DynDNS Update Client program goes into a frozen state, in which it cannot function. When I got home this afternoon, that was the state this program was in.

Granted, I can always log in to my DynDNS account, and update my IP addresses manually – when I happen to be home and aware of what is going on. But the whole point of having an Update Client program, is that this should happen automatically, which just this once, it failed to do. I currently have Linux version 5.4.2 of this program.

I apologize for any inconvenience.



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