Routine Theme Update Today

Any reader of my blog will notice, that I did not code this HTML by hand. I use bundled software named “WordPress”, and I use a version of it similar to what is offered at This blogging tool is very sophisticated – in my opinion – and extensible through plug-ins and other extensions. I can install updates and extensions, even though my version of the core engine is a Debian / Linux -packaged, localized version.

One of the features of any one blog is its Theme. Though not a plug-in, the Theme plays an important role. It defines the general ‘look and feel’ of any one blog, thereby defining the general layout in the browser of the reader. It is also the Theme, which will determine how easy or difficult it may be, to read a blog on a mobile device – given that many people no longer connect to the Internet as much as they used to, using a PC or even a laptop.

I use the TwentyFifteen theme. Just today, it received an Update, from version 1.6 to 1.7 . As far as I can tell, this update took place without incident, and should not affect your reading experience in any way.

Yet, there was one step which I needed to take during this update. I needed to flush the cache I provide with ‘memcached’. This was to prevent readers from receiving any HTML fragments, which would still have belonged to Theme version 1.6 . Therefore, because of this cache restart – on my server, not on your browser – the response to some of the queries of the reader will be a tad slower for several days, since it is the cache on my server, which accelerates the output of specific HTML, which was already formed the last time the same article was requested from my server.



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