Loss of Internet Connection, Downtime

I take the unusual approach, of hosting my blog on my own private Web-server at home. One nasty side-effect of this is, that if my domicile loses its Internet connection, which for most homes would only be a minor inconvenience, my Web-site and blog actually go offline. This also differs from what other bloggers might experience, who host their blogs on professional servers, where professional admins do their best to avoid downtime.

This morning, starting at about 4h30, my home Internet started to experience instabilities. One of the details which I do not really know yet, is what might have been causing this. But my Internet was effectively out, from 4h30 until 14h30, at which time I took the step of power-cycling my router, which means, to unplug the router from its AC wall outlet, to wait for 60 seconds, and to plug it in again. Then, already having lost my connectivity, I also thought it best just to reboot my host-machine ‘Phoenix’.

So it could be, that my blog was visible to the Internet again by 14h45 this afternoon.

I still do not really know whether my connection is fully stable again, but it seems that way, except for my IPv6 connectivity, which is managed through a Teredo gateway. That Teredo gateway is still experiencing intermittent issues. One aspect of this problem which worries me, is that between 4h00 and 8h00, I had 3 changes to my IP address, assigned by my ISP. I have a system in place, called ‘DynDNS’, which updates this IP address to allow readers to resolve my URL. But when there are several changes within a few short hours, this automated system will also fail to keep updating the IPv4 address. And, the fact that this was happening also seems to suggest, that there was not one failure of my Internet connection, but perhaps rather, some malfunction of the router itself.

I apologize for the problems, to anybody who might have been wanting to read my blog, on a rainy Saturday afternoon.



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