Corrected Update, Situation Normal

According to This Earlier Posting, there had been an update to the blogging engine – which I am using – which had specific problems as issued by Debian Team.

I am happy to observe, that as of now, the latest update from Debian Team has taken their earlier mistake into account, so that a new update was pushed through, which runs fine. Not only was I able to apply the new update easily, but I believe I was even able to keep my blog showing the Maintenance Mode image throughout, to warn people of this undertaking. This Maintenance Mode image should have been visible to potential readers, from 14h37 until 14h45.

Everything seems to be working fine with the blogging engine.

Again, the response of the blog might be slightly slow for the next time being, because anything which requires me to display the Maintenance Mode image, also requires that I flush my cache, on the server. But all of what happened today was completely routine.

It was also completely normal, that Debian Team repaired the error in a previous update, by issuing a new update immediately on the heels of that one. I am now on WordPress version





It was the version containing ‘+deb8u10‘ at the end of its name, that contained the original problem.



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