This morning as I slept, the computer which acts as a Web-server to my site, ‘Phoenix’, experienced some sort of failure, which caused my site to be offline from about 3h20 until about 9h45.

I have not identified the cause of this failure, but the server is working again for now.

I apologize for any inconvenience.


(Edit 08/15/2016 : ) I can think of 2 reason why this might have happened yesterday morning:

  1. There could have been a 1/10 second power-dropout, which would not have crashed my other computers, only this one. This has happened before. There was inclement weather yesterday morning.
  2. Some wild process could have gone out of control, pushing CPU usage to 100% for several hours, and causing a thermal trip. My log files suggest otherwise, and this CPU is also not inclined to thermal-trip, unless the hardware is starting to suffer from new problems.

I am hoping it was reason (1) above.

My ‘collectd‘ logging daemon is unable to log CPU temperatures on this machine, due to outdated, inaccessible hardware sensors. But ‘collectd‘ can log CPU usage levels on this machine. What this logging daemon showed, was a ‘normal’ peak in CPU usage around 1h00, but nothing around 3h20-3h30 yesterday morning, when the crash happened.

CPU peaks are normal, because certain indexing robots will quiz my site. Since the site is actually intended by me for heavy usage, all robots should feel free to continue quizzing this server… :)

By coincidence, there was a robot quizzing this site at 3h21, 08/14/2016, which was not producing any spike in CPU activity, and the last URL fetched before that crash was:

Click to your hearts content.


(Edit : ) I am convinced that yesterday, Sunday, 08/14/2016, around 3h21 to 3h30, there was such a brief power-interruption as described.

Next to my computer ‘Phoenix’, on its computer desk, I have a Speaker Amp, which is also the old, pre- Pro-Logic 2 Speaker Amp, which, when power is first applied, has a default speaker setting named “Music”. Whenever I reboot my computer, I make it a point to change this setting to “Stereo-Four-Point”, which I can use, because my sound chip-set has analog, 4-point-surround output jacks.

But, whenever power has been cut to it, it reverts to the “Music” setting.

I just noticed today, that its LED was switched to the “Music” setting, at which I would never leave it knowingly, after a thorough reboot. Therefore, its power was also off just long enough, to cause this.

I have just set its LED back to “Stereo-Four-Point”, at 15h36 today, Monday, 08/15/2016.

This is a huge relief, as it suggests that my actual computer and its CPU still have some life-expectancy.


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