kdelibs Update Today, Downtime

Today the Linux developers did something out of the ordinary. Even though KDE 4 was thought to be mature and complete, a comprehensive set of the KDE Libraries was given an update, by package maintainers. This forced me to update 41 packages myself.

Even though the present machine, which I name ‘Phoenix’, is a Web-server, it is also set up as a workstation, with a full-featured set of KDE Desktop Manager widgets etc.. Any mistakes in the updates could have crippled this machine.

It seems at first glance as though everything still works normally, but I expect that in coming days I should notice a few changes.

This update also affected my session manager, and so a full reboot was needed. As a consequence, my Blog and Site were also offline about from 21h10 until 21h55.

I apologize for any inconvenience.



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