In this image, the completeness of an effect can prevent people from identifying that effect. The actual Raised Text, in woody colours, casts an apparent shadow on a lush floor, making it seem more real. But in reality, I typed this text first as 2D letters using a Font. The resulting image represents a Heightmap, with blurred edges so that the edges will appear rounded in full 3D. But using Bryce, I could specify the Heightmap Image of my choice, as relief for an object which can then be positioned and rotated in 3D. It's a 2-sided lattice based on a 2D image.

If one wanted the branches to appear more like those of a tree, as seen in a poster for a past popular movie, then professionally one could draw those branches more finely with a digitzer. Or one could scan them from an artist's canvas. But I just used my mouse.

Dirk Mittler

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