The game played by children to determine a winner quickly and randomly is Scissors beat Paper, Paper beats Rock, and Rock beats Scissors. But I suggest that Water beats Stone, Stone beats Paper because it holds it down, and Paper beats Water, because engineering projects can create dams if need be. Just as Paper is supposed to beat Rock.
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It's thought that while a competent artist tries to convey an opinion, any artist expresses a subconscious issue. And years ago, I was at odds with another country's military, which supposedly opposed (high) technology. A military or a stone can also symbolize human willpower. I would agree that Science is overshadowing nature. And personally, I find it hardest to accept that human willpower is ultimately displaced by nature. Clearly, this wouldn't all be happening at the same time, and seems equally silly to this picture.

I haven't been the only philosopher who considered a military potentially to consist of many arms and legs which have the ability to hurt intellectuals of any kind, even technocrats. But the old-fashioned concept of one like that is presently being replaced in a lot of countries.

Dirk Mittler

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