My Server was just down for an Upgrade.

From 14h30 until 15h30, I needed to do some upgrading to the hardware of the computer which I name ‘Phoenix’.

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This old computer from 2008 may be running the most powerful Linux version at my disposal, in 64-bit mode, and its dual-core CPU may clock up to 2.6GHz, but until now, it had still only possessed 2GB of RAM! This box still uses DDR2 RAM modules, and I had upgraded it from 2x 512MB to 2x 1GB in the year 2008. But what I needed to do today, was to upgrade it to 2x 2GB, finally giving it its maximum of 4GB of RAM.

This time around, I no longer felt I’d have the dexterity to prevent static damage to the RAM modules, just by controlling the sequence with which I touched parts. And so this time, I also felt I needed to use an actual anti-static bracelet.

Further, the CPU heat sink was plugged full of dust, so that the CPU fan was no longer able to push any cooling air through it. I knew for a long time that this also needed to be remedied, but had procrastinated in doing so. While I had the tower open today, I also took care of the dust in the CPU heat sink, with a bottle of compressed gas.

One reason I was not so eager to do this much-needed work, was the knowledge that if I had botched this, I’d have lost my one and only server. But I was also reminded, that if the server was to fail, because the CPU was consistently running too hot, the outage would take longer than 1 hour to fix. And so I finally chose the 1 hour preventative action.

I am glad that now the CPU is being cooled properly again, and that I finally have 4GB of RAM on this 64-bit machine.

Also, this was one situation in which I could not post a Maintenance Mode Notice on my blog, because for 1 hour, there was no server to render the Maintenance message screen.



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Paint Touch-Up after installing Doorknob

Today I proceeded to do a paint touch-up around my newly-installed doorknob.

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The previous owners of my condominium had left me an extra can of paint when I moved in, in 2007, and the main color used to paint my interior walls was called “Eggshell White”. But since 9 years have gone by, that extra paint has dried up. And so I needed to go out and buy fresh paint, which I was hoping to get in exactly the original color.

It used to be that when we went to a store to buy paint, there was an entire department concerned with matching an exact color choice by the customer. In fact, the attendant behind the counter would often mix paints he had, to hit a color which the customer was asking for, but which was not in stock.

But the way it works today, the Economic Apparatus has decided that this is no longer to be a part of our standard of living. Instead, each store today only sells paint in a small number of fixed colors. And the closest approximation to ‘Eggshell White’ which I was able to find, was “Cotton White”. And so there is no more way in which paint touch-ups in my home, will match the previous color exactly, unless I decide to repaint my whole home, in an officially enabled color.



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An Observation About My New Doorknob

When we buy a kit to install a doorknob, this includes a smaller faceplate, not for the door-frame, but one which is sunk into the edge of the door, to ‘protect’ the part which projects and latches.

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It turns out that this faceplate belonging to my new doorknob, is about 1mm wider, than the one which the old doorknob used. As a result, a rectangular opening had been carved into the particle-board of the door’s edge, which is 1mm too narrow for the new faceplate to slide in.

Somebody with the right tools would simply be able to make this opening 1mm wider. But I, myself, find this to be a daunting detail.

And so the new faceplate sits on top of the edge of the door, that should fit in snugly. And this is one reason for which the new doorknob isn’t aligned 100% to where the old one was.

I have enough tolerance between the edge of the door and the inside of the door-frame, so that the protruding faceplate doesn’t interfere at all with the door closing.

But the fact that the new doorknob isn’t aligned 100%, as well as that the faceplate protrudes, is slightly discomforting.



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I replaced a doorknob yesterday.

When the condominium was purchased which I have been living in since 2007, the doorknob to the storage room was partially defective. Later on, it could happen that this doorknob would simply fall off the door.

This was unaesthetic, as well as presenting a possible danger, of my not being able to enter the storage room, under the wrong circumstances.

I had made numerous attempts to repair the old doorknob, but doing so would have required spare parts, which the previous owners did not leave me.

I got the impression that this one doorknob had been installed by the previous owners, but that they had already botched the job, and that they had only left me with doorknob components which were unusable.

And so while already having made the trip to the hardware store yesterday, I decided that I could also pick up a new doorknob.

I also installed the new doorknob to the door yesterday without much ado. The only remaining problem is in the fact that the new doorknob isn’t centered exactly as the old one was. This can be common, as long as the hole into which the doorknob has been installed never shows. But it also means that in order to look professional, the door surface around the doorknob needs to have its paint-job retouched.

The new doorknob will never become loose again.

I have not retouched this paint yet.



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