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You might already know, that on one specific forum or other discussion page, the user is allowed to have an image to identify them on-the-spot, this image being called an “Avatar”. But what you might not know, is that there exists a system of Avatars by which we can have one, across multiple forums and sites. This system is named “Gravatar”, and if you like, you may go to this site, which isn’t hosted by me, to sign up for your own Gravatar, if you haven’t done so already:

On my own Blog site, anybody is allowed to comment on the articles in general. The requirements are that you must leave your name and email address, and that I must approve you once. This might sound like a bit much, but it’s the only way my software can filter out spam. Two days after having set up this site, I already have 23 spams, and no real feedback.

(Edit 1/4/2016 : ) One does not need to log in, before leaving a comment on My blog.

I could have chosen to put a randomly-generated avatar for each person who comments. But instead, I’ve set to show any ‘Gravatar’ you might already have applied for (i.e., elsewhere). Otherwise, your comment will default to a specific avatar.



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2 thoughts on “Posting Comments”

  1. Hi,
    Have been able to power the Scarlett 2×2 and record audio in Audio Evolution by utilizing the Inateck Card Reader + Hub. A $9. device [Amazon] with built in OTG cable + the ability to be powered by an external power supply [We are using the Blackweb Model BWB15TA223 which Outputs both 1.0A and 2.1 A @ 5 V…check Ebay Walmart Product] . A friend found these device and I must give him credit. He solved the problem.
    Currently using this with Nexus 10 Tabs [5.1.1. and CWM upgrade of “Lineage”.]Much simpler, more portable, and
    more intuitive than my multiboot computer with Cubase and Sonar.

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