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You might already know, that on one specific forum or other discussion page, the user is allowed to have an image to identify them on-the-spot, this image being called an “Avatar”. But what you might not know, is that there exists a system of Avatars by which we can have one, across multiple forums and sites. This system is named “Gravatar”, and if you like, you may go to this site, which isn’t hosted by me, to sign up for your own Gravatar, if you haven’t done so already:

On my Blog site, anybody is allowed to comment on specific articles. The requirements are that you must leave your name and email address, and that I must approve you once. This might sound like a bit much, but it’s the only way my software can filter out spam. Two days after having set up this site, I already have 23 spams, and no real feedback.

(Edit 1/4/2016 : ) One does not need to log in, before leaving a comment on My blog.

(Edit 3/18/2019 : ) Due to a litany of spam, unfortunately, I’m going to be sending any new, first-time commentors a thank-you email. This will let you know that your comment has been approved, and will let me know whether the submitted email address is real or not.


I could have chosen to put a randomly-generated avatar for each person who comments. But instead, I’ve set to show any ‘Gravatar’ you might already have applied for (i.e., elsewhere). Otherwise, your comment will default to a specific avatar.

(Edit 12/30/2017 : )

I suppose I should emphasize something. What many people may visualize, including well-intentioned developers, is that any blog-postings generate lively and focused discussion. But my experience is such, that comments submitted to me are often requests to publish spam.

In addition to that fact, people read the postings, maybe find the posting to be helpful, but in most cases have little reason to give feedback.

I must therefore adjust the behavior of my blog, to be suspicious of apparent comments, which might have been written sincerely, but which most often, have been generated by spam-bots.

If your comment did not appear, please don’t take it personally. If I was to accept half the spam which is submitted, my blog would look flooded with it. I’d rather stay cautious.


An example of what I mean existed in the Comments Form, with which any reader can submit a comment. That form used to have a Web-site field, into which comment-authors would write the URL of their site, whatever that site happened to be. That field was always an option to fill out, not required.

Well a practice which many spam-bots carry out, is just to submit a comment, the content of which is ‘Blah, Blah,’ but to put into this field as if it was personal information, a Web-site whose search-engine rankings the spammer wanted to boost. Apparently, if there are many links to a given site, throughout the Web, search-engines will rank it higher, than if there are few. And search engines, being AIs, often fail to discern Why many sites could link to a site which was meant to benefit.

For everybody’s benefit, I have recently removed this field from my Comments Form. So bots will now ‘fail to see’ a field that asks them for Web-site URLs directly, and honest readers will not be mystified with the question, of what URL they should put, or with whether they even need to put a URL.

This was really just a feature, not well-thought-out.

I will still allow comment-authors to insert links into their comments, because in many cases, this is needed to allow proper communication of technical ideas. But if the contents contain 1 URL, then the comment will be held in a cue, for me to sort out manually, whether it’s spam or not.



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4 thoughts on “Posting Comments”

    1. You don’t. I have settings in my dashboard, with which I could reconfigure how Avatars work for my whole blog. For the moment, I have configured the Avatars to correspond to the Gravatars, that people have set up with And this works, even though my site is Not hosted by I have an account there.

      If commentors do not have a Gravatar of their own choosing, my site will generate one for them.

      If you like, you can go to this link to set up a Gravator – you’ll need to establish a log-in first – and then, that Gravatar will appear across a supposedly wide variety of social media, where you might post comments.


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