Power Failure Today, Downtime

I take the unusual approach, of Hosting this site and this blog, on a PC at home. I don’t say that other people should do this. This is only what I do.

This implies that the visibility of this blog is only as reliable, as the operation of my PC here at home.

Today we had a power failure, from approximately 16h15 until 17h35. As a result, this blog was also offline, until about 18h00.

I apologize for any inconvenience to my readers.



Major Update to Debian / Stretch Today

I have two computers running Debian / Stretch, which is the code-name for Debian 9. I name those computers ‘Phosphene’ and ‘Klexel’. Debian 9 has just received a major update, from Debian 9.9 to Debian 9.10. At the same time, this update installed a kernel update on both machines.

As far as I can tell, the upgrade went smoothly on both machines.



Power failure tonight, downtime.

This evening, Montreal experienced a forecast, severe thunderstorm. But what could not be forecast with certainty, was whether the power would fail, in my exact neighborhood. In fact, it did.

I take the somewhat unusual approach, of hosting my Web-site, and therefore also this blog, on my PC at home. The availability of this blog can therefore not be any better, than the availability of my PC, to the Internet. Therefore, this site and blog were briefly offline, from about 19h00 until 20h00. I apologize for any inconvenience to my readers.