Hypothesizing the trigonometric functions of complex numbers and their inverses.

If one wanted to extend trigonometry to complex numbers, I think the following two worksheets would exemplify how that can be done:

Link to PDF File for Desktop Browsers

Link to EPUB2 File for Mobile Devices





My blog is back online.

This previous posting explained in advance that my electrical utility was planning a power-cut, which eventually caused my site and blog to go offline.

Actually, I shut down my computers the previous evening.

I’m happy to announce that the power cut took place within the predicted time interval, and that for the time being, I can consider my service as being back to normal. For that reason, the site and blog are also back up. :-)



Downtime, Yesterday and Today

The way I host this blog and my site is unusual, in that I use a PC at home as my Web-server. This is not necessarily what other people should do, only how I do it.

What that implies is that the visibility of my site, is only as good as my ability to keep my computer running, as well as the quality of my personal Internet service. Most of the time, both run well.

But, starting around 15h30 yesterday afternoon, I started having some sort of trouble with my Internet connection. This issue is now resolved (for the time being). But this means that my site and blog were also offline until about 17h00 today.

I apologize for any inconvenience to my readers.



Possible Downtime Tomorrow

One fact which I’ve posted about often, is that I host my Web-site and blog on a private computer at home, even though this is probably not what most people should do. Therefore, the availability of my site is only as good, as my ability to keep my computer running, as well as the quality of my Internet connection.

It’s past 22h00 on June 25, 2020 as I’m writing this. But, the possibility exists that, due to some emergency work which will need to be done on my home, my power may need to be cut by 9h30 tomorrow morning.

If that happens then, once again, my blog will be offline.

I apologize.

(Update 6/26/2020, 6h15: )

It turns out that the emergency work, which was pending for my domicile, will not need to take place. Therefore, there should not be any power-cut, and, for the moment, this site and blog will just remain operational.