I just replaced a watch-band by myself.

I own a Citizen Eco-Drive watch. Some people might argue that it makes less sense, to own a solar-powered watch, when in fact we can buy a battery-powered one, the battery of which will last for 5 years, and we can basically throw out that other kind of watch once its battery has died, since to replace a battery in a watch breaks the water-resistant seal. But just for the principle, I did buy the solar-powered watch several years ago. And the advantage of the Eco-Drive, is its high surface-area solar cells, compared to the ones a Casio might have. OTOH, The Citizen cost me about C$ 400 or so, while a Casio would cost less.

And just as it happens, this Eco-Drive watch was one, said to be water resistant to 200 meters – which most of them are not – and which came with a leather wrist-band.

Because I am used to doing so, I wore this watch under the shower every day. Unfortunately, the watch-band suffered due to my insolence, and disintegrated a few weeks ago.

Fortunately, the way this Citizen Watch was designed, it can receive a generic wrist-band, which needed to be 22mm wide at the point it connects to the watch.

So today, I went to The Bay and bought a new watch-band, this time choosing a Silicone Band. Even though The Bay usually offers the service, to install a new watch-band when we buy one, I did not have my watch with me, and simply chose to install it myself. Yet, the service-man promised me, that if I had problems attaching the new band, I should simply come back with it and the watch, and with my receipt, and that he would still be happy to attach the band for me after-the-fact.

I am proud to say, that with a set of jewelers screwdrivers, which I think every independent person should own, I was able to compress the pins holding my defective band, thus releasing that band and revealing both pins. And then I was also able to reinsert those 22mm (+) pins into the new band, and to reattach the new band.

The question which has now become factual again, is how long this relatively expensive watch will really last.